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Track closures as an overlay (from Februari 4. 2023) (Author: Loudini)
Here is something for the bikers among us. Many know the problem on the weekends. Some roads are closed to motorcyclists. This overlay map shows the blocked routes on the map. The special thing is that I still download the well-known from the Naviboard file of the track closures of "chris1234" as a POI file with.

In combination, MPVF card and active route blocking POI, which is called "proximity alert" and "date / time" is exported, knows the motorcyclist in time, in which stretch he can not drive in at a certain time / date.

Here is a screenshot of the two loaded files: "Sperrungen.BWPT" and "Streckensperrungen.MPVF". Here you can download the ZIP-file: Closures bike

Red traffic light & Fixed speed cameras (up to TwoNav v.3.x.x) (Author: Loudini)
Again from the data of "chris1234" a BWPT with traffic lights from DACH & BeNeLux, as well as fixed flash systems in the countries DACH & Benelux. – The data can either be treated as a waypoint. So in the WPT folder or as loaded from the beginning POI in the folder POI. Then they are permanently activated. (please refer Picture 1) – Picture 2 shows the view in the map. The name has also been shortened.
Download: Red traffic lightr | Fixed flash unit

In the POI Folder View in the map

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